Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Best Online Domino And History

The Best Online Domino And History - Domino is a kind of generic card game. In Indonesia usually a small card 3x5 cm, yellow base color are Endol-Endol functioning or substitute numbers.

The Best Online Domino And HistoryDomino sometimes become friends just to fill the spare time or just get together with friends to play atmosphere will look more familiar, Media in the playing dominoes is usually a small card beams and pictorial roundly red in various amounts of the smallest card with a blank value (custody zero ) to the highest card with a value of 6/6 (balak 6). Domino is more often played by the players of a lower-class society and we very rarely find elites who play the card game of this type. In fact, according to historical records, when first created, the domino is one of the offerings from a waiter palace for the emperor. At that time only the bangsawanlah can play it.



Domino written history raises several versions. However, everyone agreed that the version of the game of dominoes was born in China. The first version says that Domino came to prominence in 1120 AD The second version revealed that the dominoes began to be played by the army Hung Ming circa 181-234 AD Other historians deliver the third version that is already known in the past domino Keung T'ai Kung, around 1100 BC However historians Chinese tradition, Chu sz yam trust the first version. According to him, this game was made by a civil servant and is dedicated to the Emperor Hui Tsung in 1120.

Tile game or now popularly called the Domino historically was first discovered in China precisely at the beginning of 1120 AD. Based on historical records with the discovery of pieces, the road back to the warrior-hero named Hung Ming (181-234 AD). While other historians believe that Keung T'ai Kung, in the twelfth century BC was the first person to create the kind of game tersebut.Yang Chu sz yam (Research on the tradition of All Things) states that the dominoes created by a statesman in 1120 AD.
In historical records say that Yang Chu sz yam is said to have given pieces of the card as a sacrifice to the Emperor Hui Tsung, and after that even this game began spreading during the reign of Hui's son, Kao-Tsung (1127-1163 AD). Still other sources say if this document refers to the standardization and not the invention itself domino game.

Domino was originally a game that is most favored by the nobles, now the game has become one of the games that are very popular especially in the era of internet technology and computerization as it is today. Basically the game is played in groups and seems to have become a tradition in Indonesia if the domino always be a pleasant companion when on guard night or diacara-specific event.

Michael Dummett once wrote a short article on the Game of Tarot, [1] intersect with the introduction of domino in Europe, especially Italy, possibly in Venice and Naples, in the 18th century Despite the obvious dominoes originated from China, as a result of this had been a debate on whether the creators came from Europe or from China to Europe in the fourteenth century or created independently.

History is written domino rise to many different versions. But what is clear from all of the version agreed that domino game was first born and known in China.